lodge my tax myself and still get big refund

Online Tax Refunds Australia is an organisation of vast experience preparing and lodging tax returns for their clients.

In the past, these returns were prepared in the traditional way, where the client either came and saw our Accountants and gave them documents to allow the tax return to be prepared, or alternatively sent their documents in. The Accountant would then prepare the tax return, and send the documents back to the client, who would review them, sign them and then the returns would be lodged by our Accountants.

We have come to realise that this process is too time consuming and expensive for the bulk of tax payers who have quite simple tax returns. We have therefore developed and system where the tax payer is able to and upload the documents via our online tool, and prepare their own return, on an electronic form provided by us.

Once the client has prepared the return, it is reviewed by a registered tax agent, and then reviewed again by a Chartered Accountant that has over 40 years in the business.

easy way to lodge tax return and receive refund

If our experienced staff decide that the return is correct and compliant, it will be lodged electronically immediately. This happens in 90% of the tax returns that we receive and process. If the client is due a refund, it is normally received within 7-10 days of lodgement of the return.

The advantage of having an experienced Accountant review your tax return, is that we are able to identify any contentious issues in the tax returns, before it has been sent to the ATO, therefore saving what can often be weeks of delays in receiving the refund, or worse still, having the ATO question or make changes to the tax return.

Because of our vast experience in preparing and lodging Australian tax returns, and in dealing with the ATO, we are able to offer a full service taxation system to those who require it. Because of our vast experience in dealing with the ATO we are in regular contact with their staff. This means that where there are problems and issues, we are normally able to negotiate a favourable outcome for our clients. .

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