Income tax is payable by all Australia residents who earn in excess of approximately $18,200 per year.
If you have have earned an amount in excess this threshold, you must lodge an individual income tax return before the due date.

what happens if i don't do my tax this year This applies whether you earned the income as a wage, or under an ABN, and the deadline is the same for everyone.

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Even if your income is less than $18,200, and you have paid tax on your wages, it is in your interest to lodge an income tax return, as you will receive a refund for the amount of tax you have paid.

can i wait and lodge my tax next year

If you have lodged an income tax return previously, have not earned more than the threshold and have not paid any tax during the year, you will still need to advise the Australian Taxation office (ATO) that it is not necessary for you to lodge an income tax return for the current financial year. how to get last years tax taken off this years return

What is the deadline for lodging my income tax return?

For taxpayers who lodge their own income tax return, you must lodge your tax return by 31st of October of each and every financial year in which you earned income.
However, if you use a tax agent, you can get an extension on this deadline up until May in the year following the end of the financial year.

avoid doing my tax with no income
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This Audio File Explains How Often The ATO Expect A Tax Return For Individuals With Income