Just follow these steps to lodge your tax return online, and remember –
If you get stuck just hit save, and send us a message and complete the check out,
we will take it over and complete it for you!

Pay $0 up front: For only $24, you can also lodge your tax return without paying upfront for our services, by paying the fee from your refund.

use an accountant to check your online tax return in australia

1. Create your account

(You will need your contact details and tax file number)

2. Complete the online questionnaire

(This will customise the return so it only shows sections relevant for you).

3. Payment and lodgement of the return

(You can choose to have your fee deducted from your refund).

4. Refund

Once payment is made and your tax return has been reviewed by your accountant, you will receive an email to digitally sign your tax return online so it can be lodged with the Australian Tax Office.

Your return will be processed and your refund transferred to your nominated account by the Tax Office within 14 days of lodgement.

Expert Review

Your tax return is checked for errors and any missing deductions you may have failed to claim prior to lodgement with the ATO. This often means more money back for our customers.

claiming taxation refund expenses using online lodgement program

Fast Tax Refund

Your tax return is lodged directly with the ATO using electronic lodgement. Generally, you can expect your return in 10 working days.

We Verify Your Information

We cross-check what you have supplied with the Australian Tax Office’s records of your income. So if something is not right, or you just missed some interest or can’t find that old group certificate, we can find it.
If you have used mytax or etax in the past, we are sure you will see better results with the benefit of an expert review by an experienced Accountant.


Our expert Accounting team have over 40 years experience, and are always ready to help. We have the expertise of a Chartered Accountant who oversees the lodgement of all returns, we work together as a team to ensure you get the maximum refund.

how to get the most tax back this year

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