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The tax department (ATO) normally take between 2-3 weeks to asses your return and send you any refund to which you are entitled. However, if there are discrepancies in your return, or the tax department need to ask you questions, this can delay your return significantly.
is it better to lodge my tax myself or use accountant

Remember that if the tax department query any deduction you have made, or ask you about any income they believe you have received but you have not declared on your return, it is up to you to prove to them that what you put in your return is true and correct.

If you can not do so, the tax department will change your return and adjust your income or amount payable accordingly. They can also fine you between 20-100% of the tax avoided and charge interest on the tax avoided, and this can obviously effect how long it takes to process your tax return.

If you use a tax agent such as, a lot of these problems can be avoided. We go through and check all of the information that you provide against what is contained within the Australian Tax Office’s Tax Agent’s Portal. If you are trying to claim something which we believe may be questioned by the ATO we will contact you and discuss it with you.

how quickly can i get my tax back Because we lodge all of our tax returns electronically, the time that the tax office takes to assess them an issue them with a refund, is much shorter than if you try to do it yourself manually.

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This Audio File Explains When You Can Expect Your Refund From The Taxation Office

Visit our How It Works page and follow the steps to lodge your tax online now.

How Long Does It Take To Get Tax Back

Watch this video for some tips on how the ATO processes tax returns and when how the ATO can help to process your refund deposited into your personal bank account after it has been lodged through a Tax Agent.