Here are some tips to help you get all the tax refunded back to you that you are entitled to, and can be comfortable that you have not missed anything.
Regardless of whether you do your tax return online or face to face-
It is important to use a skilled accountant who knows what can and can’t be claimed.

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how to get all your tax refunded by the ato

General Information Regarding Your Tax Return

Most expenses you have incurred to make your income, can be claimed as a tax deduction to reduce your taxable income.

This includes your work uniform, protective clothing, tools & equipment, training and professional development, donations, and the cost you paid to do last year’s tax return.

Of course, the expenses claimed must be relevant to the activity that generates your current income. You can not claim purchases or expenses that you hope may one day generate income – you must have the intention of earning income in the same year that you are claiming the expenses, or enhance your current income activity.

You can also claim any work related travel, except for travelling between home and work. Keep a record of the kms travelled and all of that can be deducted from your taxable income – giving you a more favorable end result, which often means more money in your pocket.

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Every bit counts towards a better end result so it is best to keep a record throughout the year to be sure you don’t miss anything.

This is where most people go wrong – they are confused about what can and can not be claimed, and the fear of making a mistake can scare people into not claiming anything at all. However with the right knowledge you can be sure you are getting everything you are entitled to, and you can sleep at night knowing you won’t be fined or put in jail!

The tax rates can change year to year, and so can the laws.
For this reason it is often wise to have an accountant to review your tax return, prior to it being lodged. Once the mistake has been made, the ATO are not in a position to call and let you know. You will simply be hit with a bill or a fine which will start to incur interest.

Taking the correct steps from beginning can help avoid this whole painful mess.
This is why it is important to engage a professional from the start to help you prepare for tax time, so there are no nasty surprises. Of course we can assist if you do find yourself in this situation, we have many happy customers who have had their tax bill reduced or wiped all together due to a mistake.

Visit ourHow It Works page and follow the steps to lodge your tax online now.

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Doing Your Tax Online Safely

Watch this video for an explanation on the why it is important to only provide your personal information to reputable and safe online tax return service.

Our convenient online tax service means you can use the services of an experienced Accountant for a fraction of the usual cost, but still be sure that you will receive all of your entitlements and you don’t miss out on any deductions that can get you a bigger tax return.

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