how to do a tax return with no job

In general, All Australian residents must lodge a tax return by 31st of October each year, unless you had no income for that year.

However, if you are using a tax agent, this deadline can be extended, up to May of the following year before you have to lodge your tax return.
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Tax returns must be lodged by all Australian residents who have earned in excess of approximately $18,200 in an income tax year.

do you need to do a tax return if you didn't work

If you have earned below this threshold, then you do not need to lodge a tax return. However, even if you have earned below the threshold, and have paid tax on some of your earnings it is in your interest to lodge a tax return because you will receive a refund for any tax you have paid.

In addition, if you have lodged a return in previous years but have not exceeded the threshold in the current year, the tax department will be expecting to receive a tax return from you. In this case, you can advise the tax office that is is not necessary for you to lodge a tax return in the current year.

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