tax deductions for taking out a loan to purchase a rental property

Negative gearing is when an investor borrows money to aquire an investment property, and the income generated by the investment (ie: rental income) is less than the cost of owning the investment (ie: interest, rates, depreciation, repairs ect)

This means that the investor is making a loss (the property is “Negatively geared”), and for tax purposes this is deducted from the investor’s taxable income – providing tax benefits and making the investment more attractive in some cases.

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income producing investment property generated by the rental investment

Positive Gearing is when the income from an investment is higher than the cost of owning the investment. In this case, the investor will pay tax on the profits they make, and when the asset is sold Capital Gains Tax will also be applicable.

Negative Gearing can reduce the impact of events, by allowing you to offset losses against your income. So if there is an interest rate rise, or you are not receiving rent for example, this will mean you can deduct these losses from your assessable income, and your taxable income will be reduced.

use negative gearing losses to offset income from other sources

How To Calculate Negative Gearing Against The Income From A Rental Investment Property

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It is worth taking the time to calculate which method will have most benefit to you, and will help you reach your individual goals.

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renovating an investment house can be claimed as a tax deduction
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