Online Tax Refunds Australia is an organisation with over 40 years’ experience lodging tax returns.
Traditionally we lodge tax returns the old fashioned way, where the client would come to see us and exchange the documents and information. We would then prepare the tax return for the client, and send them a draft of the tax return. If the tax payer is happy with the return, we would then lodge it.

This Audio File Explains How Our New Online Service Is Saving Time

quick-tax-return-with-maximum-refund However we have recently identified that this is a costly and time consuming exercise for most tax payers whose returns are quite simple. We have therefore developed an online system, where clients can log in and enter their income information, with a tool to also upload documents if needed. The return is them submitted to us for review.

The return is then reviewed by one of our staff, and then by a Chartered Accountant. If we think the return is compliant and correct, it will be lodged electronically. If the client is due a refund, it will usually be received within 7-10 working days.

Visit our How It Works page and follow the steps to lodge your tax online now.
If our review reveals that the tax return has errors or contentious items, we will go back to the tax payer and discuss this with them, to correct the return prior to being lodged with the ATO.

How to ATO Checks your tax claims

Watch this video for an overview of our new online tax return service, allowing you to lodge ATO compliant returns from the comfort of your home

To get your taxes up to date see our How It Works page and lodge your return online now.