The deadline for lodging your tax return is looming.

All tax payers must lodge their tax return by the 31st of October if they prepare it themselves.

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is becoming more aggressive in fining people for late lodgement or non-lodgement of tax returns. Fines can be up to $900 per outstanding return, and can be imposed on tax payers even if they are due a refund. If you lodged a tax return in the previous year, you must also lodge a tax return in the current financial year, or advise the tax office that you are not required to lodge a tax return.

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If you do not do so, even if you have not earned any income in the current financial year to require you to lodge a return, the ATO may still fine you for non-lodgement.

However, if you use the services of a registered tax agent, the deadline for lodging your return can be extended, often up to march in the following year. If you need more time to lodge your tax return please contact us to register us as your tax agent, so that your lodgement due date can be extended.