Online Tax Refunds – Blog

Every year Australians who have previously lodged an income tax return, or have earned taxable income for the first time, are required to lodge an income tax return, or to advise the ATO that a tax return is not necessary. However, to ensure you get this right and avoid problems, it is always best to consult a professional before proceeding with your tax return.

Our dedicated accountants are here to help you, saving you time and trouble at tax time. By completing your tax return online, you can maximize your return with the knowledge that an expert registered tax agent will help prevent problems with the ATO, maximise deductions, lodge securely and directly with the ATO, and are available to give you personalised advice should you need it. Completing your tax return online is easy, fast and direct.

With many years of combined experience, we are a team of experts working with our clients to save money, resolve complications with tax, and offer quality guidance. We understand our clients have unique circumstances and needs, and we take the time to listen and provide expert advice. We believe client education is essential to the advice process, and have created this blog to clearly explain areas of tax that can be difficult to navigate. We can help with all income types – from personal to small business, companies, partnerships and trusts, from FIFO to working visas and non resident returns, we will work with you to ensure the best possible outcome.
The ATO regularly update and change laws, and it is a priority to us to keep our valued clients informed so they can avoid making potentially costly mistakes, and to make sound decisions in regard to their finances.

We regularly update our blog with current, up to date information, news and advice to keep you educated and help you to navigate through the sometimes tricky world of tax. Our expert tax accountants are passionate about making sure you avoid the common mistakes made when lodging tax returns, dealing with the ATO, what you can claim, and tips to make sure you get the most out of your tax refund.

Dealing with the ATO can be intimidating for most people. The ATO are aggressive in chasing overdue returns and debts that are owed to them. We have a team of experts that are experienced in dealing with the ATO and are skilled at negotiating the best possible outcome for our clients.

Tax law is extremely complex in Australia. It is risky for individual tax payers to try to prepare their own returns. Even genuine mistakes in tax returns can lead to heavy penalties and interest charges. It simply makes sense to use the services of experienced tax agents to guide you through the process.