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What are franking credits?

Imputation Credits or Franking Credits allow Australian Companies to pass on tax paid at the company level to shareholders as a tax credit.
These franking credits can be used to reduce your taxable income on gains. If no tax is owing, you may receive this back as a tax refund.,

What Does “Fully Franked” Mean?

A franked dividend is an arrangement that ensures that dividends are not taxed twice. The shareholder is able to reduce the tax paid on the dividend by an amount equal to the tax imputation credit.

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capital gains are realised from the sale of shares

Are stock trade losses tax deductible?

If you sell a stock at a loss, you have a capital loss. If you sell stock or other assets at a profit you realise capital gains.
You can only claim a tax deduction if the asset was owned for investment purposes. Stock is regarded as an investment, and as such stock losses are nearly always tax deductible.

Do you have to pay tax on profits or dividends from shares?

You could pay tax on any profits you make when you come to sell you shares. This would be CGT applicable (capital gains tax).

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