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If you have been working in Australia as a backpacker, or on a temporary working visa, such as a 457 visa, and are returning home, you will most likely have to lodge an Australian Tax Return after the 30th of June.
You can lodge your return online from your home country. If you are leaving Australia permanently, you can lodge your tax return prior to the 30th of June.

working holiday visa apply tfn online international student You will need to get a paper form from the ATO to do so. If you are leaving Australia permanently but still own assets in Australia, you will need to consider the capital gains tax rules in Australia. See our Capital Cains Tax page for more details on CGT.
If your employer has paid superannuation on your behalf that superannuation must remain in your super fund account while you are in Australia. You can claim your superannuation when you leave.

People on working visas should visit the How It Works page and follow the steps to lodge an online tax return now.

If you are an Australian resident on an eligible temporary visa and had superannuation contributions paid by your employer, provided you have left Australia and your working visa has either expired or been cancelled, then you can claim your superannuation.

You can do this by applying online for what is referred to as a “Departing Australia Super Payment (DASP)”

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Working Holiday Visa Tax Refund

Watch this video for an explanation on a person on a working Visa sets up a Tax File Number.

How It Works page and follow the steps to lodge your tax online now.

This Audio File Explains How To Claim Your Tax Back On A Working Visa