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With the Australian Tax system, the general rule is that the tax office will accept your return as it is lodged and issue your assessment notice based on that return.
This is called the self assessment method.

However, the tax department can at a future time review your deductions and income , and ask you for clarification on certain items.
It is your responsibility to provide proof that that what you have claimed as a deduction is legitimate and you must provide evidence of these deductions.

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What To Do In The Case Of An ATO Audit

Watch this video for an explanation of how the ATO assess claims and how you may be asked to provide evidence for up to 5 years after the return was completed.

If you are claiming less than $300 in your tax return as a tax deduction, then it is sufficient to have diary evidence of that expenditure. However, if you are claiming more than $300, then you must have evidence which you can supply to the Australian Tax Office. This can be in the form of receipts, a letter from your employer, or a log book (if you are trying to claim car expenses).

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Please note that if you are unable to provide evidence for the deductions you are claiming, the tax department will disallow the claim. They also have the right to fine you between 20-100% of the tax you have avoided with the claim, and also charge you interest on the extra tax.

tax office require proof for up to 5 years
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This Audio File Explains What Evidence The ATO Require For Expense Claims